Stewarts Office Plants

We supply many businesses across the South, from Sussex and Surrey, through Hampshire and Dorset to Wiltshire and Somerset. For more information about the services we offer visit our home page, or contact us here. In this blog you'll find news, interesting snippets, stories and pictures of our staff's adventures out on the road.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"That's a great job you've got there..."

This is one of the most popular remarks we get as we walk around people's offices watering their plants. Most of the time it is, but occasionally we have to do something really messy, like today's removal of some no-longer-required pots from a shopping centre. They were so big that they had to be dug out completely, then the water in the bottom had to be tipped out down at our (very muddy) recycling area. The result? Three very mucky Stewarts staff:

"That's a great job you've got there..."

Anyone wants to do a job-swap before we go back next week, I'm all ears!


Friday, July 03, 2009

We complete our biggest ever installation

(well, for as long as anyone can remember!)

Stewarts Office Plants are just putting the finishing touches to a 133-planter installation in Winchester, which is by far the largest we have completed in the seven years I have worked here!

The client involved had an interior designer on their staff who did much of the design work (my role was to tell her she couldn't have all the plants she liked) and chose some really funky colours, like the RAL 4006 Traffic Purple pot below:

Pretty much everyone had a hand in this install, which when completed next week will have taken seven van trips just to ferry all the plants to site. All while wearing hard hats and yellow jackets in this really hot humid weather, phew!