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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Government cuts - don't lose the 'pot plants'!

I've been listening to various members of our new Government talking about the need for efficiency savings in government departments, and using 'pot plants' as a buzzword for where money can be saved. In fact one of David Laws' first acts was to cancel the plant contract for his department.

So I've taken it upon myself to write to the Prime Minister and explain to him that plants in offices have been shown to have such a beneficial effect on staff morale and specifically absenteeism that they are self-financing. So he might be wise to keep plants in his government's office buildings.

Don't believe me? This website is a mine of scientific research on the benefits of plants in the workplace.

Stewarts don't have any central government contracts, though at my last employer we did, and I can certainly recall some scope for efficiencies. My favourite was an eight storey building that had two TVs on each landing playing a rolling presentation about their environmental credentials, 24 hours a day.