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Friday, July 09, 2010

Summer colour for hire

We recently prepared these 3' troughs full of Geraniums, Impatiens New Guinea and Ivy for a short hire for a client. They are now beautifying our portacabin a treat, but we mustn't forget our commercial imperative, so...
They are for hire for short periods for events for as little as £10 each (including delivery and collection), depending where you are based and how many you hire.
Equally I am open to offers from people that want to buy them outright or hire them for the rest of summer.
As always we hire out the topiary Bay and Box that you can see behind at a similar rate.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Help make Stewarts' job easier

It's a little known fact that interior landscaping companies like Stewarts are not allowed to use any pesticides in their clients' premises. We are not allowed to use MAPP labelled substances (i.e. ones intended for professional use) and we are also not allowed to use things that are sold to the public in garden centres as they are labelled "for home and garden use only", even though they are considered safe for use at home.
So if a pest appears on one of our plants, we are less able to combat it than a member of the public. We are also not meant to use our leafshine products to control pests, but if using them as intended (to clean the plant) kills the bugs, that's legal. Daft, isn't it?

Now, you may be aware that the new government have launched a consultation into what laws the public would like repealing, and I have suggested the laws covering pesticide use by companies like us.

Follow this link and rate my suggestion!

Note, you will have to register on there first, but it takes two minutes.

Many thanks,