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Thursday, September 02, 2010


This plant is more commonly know as the weeping fig, and comes in many different cultivars, and it part of the rubber tree family.

It grows wild in the tropical forest of India, South East Asia and Northern Australia to about a height of 30 metres.

As an indoor plant it likes bright indirect sun conditions, but can tolerate a degree of shade, but it does not react very well to being moved or changes in temperature and will drop leaves like crazy, but it does adapt to its new climate.
It can be pruned to give a suitable shape for indoor landscaping and when young the flexible stems can be twisted or braided to make a very attractive feature.

In a report from NASA it showed that the Ficus is effective at filtering indoor toxins, so is ideal for indoor plant displays in office environments.

We use quite a few different varieties in our indoor plant contracts:

Ficus Gold King

Ficus Danielle

Ficus Starlight

Ficus benjamina braided