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Friday, February 18, 2011

As one van door closes, another opens...

After five and a half happy years, Stewarts Interior Landscaping say goodbye to their trusty delivery Transit van (left) and hello to a brand spanking new one (right). It's more or less the same but with some great toys in the cabin; it's got some stuff my car doesn't!

We need a van this big to carry our six foot high ready-planted pots, our largest ladders, and it will take a fifteen foot Christmas Tree on its side. And we need the 140 bhp version because, erm, we, erm, just do, OK?

We leased the last one but we've bought this one, so I'm lavishing even more TLC on it than before (if that's possible) as it's "mine". Until you've done it, you've no idea how long it takes to polish and wax a van that big. Imagine getting to the middle of the roof! My arms were killing me.