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Thursday, November 24, 2011

'Recession? What recession?' - Part 2

I haven't posted in a while. Here's why: once again, despite the dire economic conditions, and the fact that office plant companies like Stewarts are a good weather vane of business confidence, we are having an extremely busy time fitting in deliveries to all the new customers and those existing ones that are expanding their business with us. Like the customer in Poole who have thrown caution to the wind and swapped their sensible, tasteful planters they had before, for the zany curvy pots shown above, among others.

In fact the role call of new contracts in the last month is as follows:

New customers:

Online retail firm in Portsmouth: 12 planters

Telecoms firm in Basingstoke: 20 planters

Engineering company near Stewarts: 7 refurbished planters

Insurance company in Poole: 12 planters

Financial customer in Bournemouth: 61 planters (!)

Existing customers:

Property company in Poole: 12 upgraded planters

Pharmaceutical company in Bournemouth: 13 extra planters

Oh, and one more. This built-in-bed in a new build house in Branksome:

These trees are 2.5-3m high, in case the pictures doesn't do them justice. Incidentally the stunning house around the plants is for sale - yours for £5m...

Now much as I'd love to kick back and enjoy a respite, we have (starting tomorrow at 0700) over 60 Christmas Trees to deliver, and already a backlog of new installations to carry out the moment they are out of the way.