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Monday, March 05, 2012

Even more gorgeous spring hanging baskets

You don't have to be the most attentive student of our blog to know I posted a picture of some spring hanging baskets in the back of my van less than three weeks ago.

These however are even nicer, and deserved a post of their own.

They are destined, I fear, for a rather unlovely office block in Portsmouth, however, it can't fail to be that bit lovelier with these adorning the front.

If you check our website's 'latest news' section you'll see an article about hanging baskets. The picture on there is of the building where they are going. When that was taken they had all-pansy baskets which at the time I thought couldn't be bettered. Now I'm not so sure! The test will be whether these primrose-heavy baskets go the distance until the end of May. We'll see...