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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Enjoy the hot weather while it lasts

Wow, it's 32 deg C in my office, and likely to be hotter tomorrow.

How quickly we British start to moan about the weather when it's what we've wanted for months! Though today I've been calling in on maintenance service customers with plants in an indoor swimming pool and a real sun trap of a roof garden so I've had my fill of it. Particular sympathy though for one of my staff who looks after the plants in a leisure centre in Bournemouth, ands spends five hours under glass by a 29 deg C swimming pool. She wears a kind of ice waistcoat thing that she puts in the freezer overnight beforehand. The things my staff do for their customers!

Anyway, I digress. I took this photo from Bournemouth Pier at the end of April, while walking up to our client at the end of the pier. Yes, the same client that we did a very challenging install for in August 2008.

This time we were delivering two artificial palm trees so big that they had to be assembled in situ down there; as you can tell - just like the last time - it was a bit breezy! That's a couple hundred feet's width of foam; look at the block of flats on the left background for scale.

I imagine the beach looks a little different today...  If anyone is sitting and melting in their offices, just think what it has been like recently.