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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Stewarts set world record for biggest Boston Fern...

...ok, so there isn't (to my knowledge) an official  "biggest Boston Fern" world record, and if there is then we haven't tried to win it. But we should do with this monster: the picture may not make it clear: it's about 5 feet high and four feet wide!

My obsession with Boston Ferns is well known, after I ordered a greenhouse full of them last January for a large event hire in Bournemouth.

This one, though, is in one of our maintenance customers's offices, near Havant in Hampshire. I'll admit that we actually inherited this plant we we won the contract from another firm, as this site own their plants (many of our clients rent). However, it seems to be getting bigger every time I see it. The regular technician for this site - Roger -  has a reputation for making plants get big and bushy.

The fern doesn't come without its problems: Boston Ferns tend to shed bits of leaves when you touch them, so maintenance of this one is a messy business. They are also very thirsty, normally not a problem, but this one has pushed its 'crown' (the lump in the middle the leaves come out of) the best part of a foot clear of the edge of the pot, so that prodigious supply of water once a fortnight has to be applied with a great deal of care!