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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Name that Dracaena

I have a new member of staff since I last blogged (sorry for the gap).

As long-term readers will know, this doesn't happen often as we have very loyal staff, in fact Michelle is my first new starter since May 2009!

She has conformed to a cliche for new technicians - namely being given a plant ID book by me and proceeding to order some of the odd plants that the rest of us don't use.

So on one order from Holland I had all these wierd and wonderful Dracaenas, namely:

Left back: Dracaena Surprise

Foreground: Dracaena Riki

Right: Dracaena Jade Jewel

No reason why we don't use these more often, but once you've been doing maintenance for a few years, you tend to stick to what you trust. So who knows? You may be seeing more of these slightly rarer Dracaenas in the future.