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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Large new contract just installed

We've just arrived back from carrying out a 34 planter installation in Basingstoke.

Even though the building isn't occupied yet, the furniture was all in place so I got to take this nice shot of a lollipop Rubber plant in an orange pot surrounded by colour coordinated furniture.

That's the advantage (as I keep saying) of the bespoke glass fibre pots that we mostly use: if the client buys furniture (for example) by RAL colour,  they can do the same thing from Stewarts. Most companies know the code of their corporate logo - we can match that too.

If the look of this display seems familiar, it's the same organisation that we did our biggest installation in recent years for, with the plants being specced by the same team of people. A loyal and happy customer of ours, it would seem.