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Friday, August 08, 2014

Want some cheap (late) summer colour?

Here's a bargain I have to alert you to. We did a hire of some flowering troughs for another company's stand at the New Forest Show.

This included twenty 90cm long plastic troughs planted with red, pink and blue summer flowers (Geraniums, Petunias and Lobelias), which are now sitting looking pretty outside our office.

The actual troughs are quite useful to us in the future, so how's this for a deal?

If anyone wants to hire some until the end of October (plants are likely to be pretty tired by then) I'll charge £10.00 (inc. VAT) each for them.

If you want to buy them and keep them, it's £20.00.

This assumes you can collect them from our Wimborne site, or we can talk about a delivery cost if not.

Contact me on the email address my name links to below if of interest.


Monday, August 04, 2014

Ready made trailing ivy

We just installed a nice little project for a client on Poole Quay. As you can see, they have a balcony overlooking the quay and wanted some instant trail to hang over.

Apart from the fact the balcony ledge was quite wide, meaning the trail had to be extra long, there aren't many plants which would survive the location.

However I was very pleased when my trusty Dutch plant supplier sent me these huge trailing ivies. They told me they had "80-90cm trail"; in reality they were more like 1.2m long and really thick. When we took all eighty of them out of their boxes when they arrived, they more or less took over the greenhouse!

What a view from that balcony!

Also worthy of note are the lovely wooden troughs that I put them in to.

I don't normally mention my suppliers by name, but I'll make an exception for the purveyor of these lovely hand-made larch planters from a West Dorset company called Fat Leaf.

Apparently larch weathers to a lovely silvery sheen over time. If they don't weather in this location, they won't do it anywhere!