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Friday, May 01, 2015

Featured plant: Guzmania Paulina

The Guzmania family of plants is used widely in interior landscaping; we use them in our popular 'Finishing Touches' displays we supply as an affordable alternative to reception flowers.

Generally they are red, yellow, orange or purple, and they have a simple central bract.

As we do our 'Finishing Touches' (and also a large shopping centre in Southampton which has 45 Guzmanias) on a four-weekly cycle, i.e. you get new plants every four weeks, I'm always on the hunt for different varieties.

I was pleased to track down these much more complex-headed purple/white ones called Guzmania Paulina, which in 17 years I've never seen before.

True, they were a little (10%) more expensive, but I was happy to indulge my staff this once.