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Friday, June 19, 2015

Featured plant - Fatsia Spider Web

Once again I am apologising for the gap between postings - it has been a manic six weeks since the last plant of the month! I may be able to post the odd pic of our adventures soon.

One thing that has kept us busy has been a couple of huge event hires for a successful cosmetics company head-quartered in Poole, who were celebrating their twentieth anniversary with a series of parties. One involved us stuffing a Bournemouth music venue with lots of plants in various nooks and crannies - nearly £4,000 of plants at trade prices!

As I am ordering so many and they will all be mixed up I get a free hand to try a few different things, and one thing I bought in was this variegated version of the Fatsia Japonica. This is a brave choice as I've previously admitted that I can't keep them alive. 

It has the most lovely variegation pattern, not evenly distributed over the leaves. Some are almost plain green while some are mostly pure white.

Some uncharitable observers have commented that it looks like it has a very bad infestation of Red Spider Mite (a common pest that turns leaves spotty), which makes the name 'Spider Web' rather cruel.

But I think they look lovely, and they are a great plant for very cold indoor areas which will also live outside.