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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Feature plant: Scindapsis n'Joy

Despite having a name like a 90's manufactured pop group, this little beauty is a new variant on an existing family of plants (Scindapsis, sometimes Epipremnum, Devil's Ivy).

Interestingly it has a much tougher, thicker leaf than the normal variety of Scindapsis. As it has such a high contrast variegation, we are assuming it will need a light position, and we are using it as such.

We are awaiting the go-ahead to plant some in a new installation in a shopping centre in Bournemouth so we can see how they perform. Those few that we have used so far have settled in very quickly, so let's see...


Lovely summery event hire

Just tidying up the images on our camera and I came across this snap I took of an event hire we undertook a few weeks ago. Or rather, the planters ready to go out.

A very successful Poole firm were celebrating their twentieth anniversary with a series of events around Bournemouth, including a party in a marquee on the old IMAX site.

This was to have a very country garden kind of theme inside, and the events company organising it had sourced a whole load of random things (tea crates, tin baths, milk churns, wellies, you get the idea...) to serve as planters.

Stewarts' job was to plant them up. The initial spec was to include lots of herbs, but it's actually really hard to provide instant herb planters, as most herbs come in very small. I substituted lots of Lavenders and Rosemary from our own nursery instead. The rest I had a pretty free hand on, so I predominantly used Marguerites and Boston Ferns.

As this picture shows, in a very tight time window, I think we made their wacky planters look pretty good!