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Monday, August 24, 2015

Feature plant: Ficus Melany Petit

Luckily I don't call this feature 'plant of the month' because it's nearly September already...

We've been really busy for the last few weeks, mainly training Anne and Sandie, our two new technicians, of which more later no doubt.

But I did have time to order this wonderful little plant when I saw it on my weekly price list from Holland.

I've long had a liking for burgundy rubber plants, (and again!), but the normal Rubber plant has a leaf the size of your hand, whereas this little beauty has leaves only three inches long at most, and much narrower than normal.

It was the price of a normal 1.5m specimen plant, and only about a 50cm ball, so not an easy plant to think of a place for. I'm thinking it would look good in a tall, slim pot, in a key location, like a reception area.

Now to find a client to persuade to be a guinea pig!