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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Counting down to Christmas

Continuing my fascination with funny signs in offices, here's a festive one as my last post of 2015.

Found on the white board in the cleaner's cupboard of a factory in Gillingham, North Dorset. As you can guess, this photo was taken on 17 December; the cleaner was clearly rubbing out a digit each day.

They and everyone at Stewarts Interior Landscaping are counting the days.

Merry Christmas!


Another hard day at the office?

As readers can probably tell, I'm using a few quiet days before Christmas to empty my phone of pictures I have taken lately.

I do like seeing what odd things people get up to in their workplaces, and have posted about it before.

This was actually in Stewarts Broomhill's Goods In dept.

As our garden centre customers will know, our hugely popular Christmas Department features a number of animated displays, including a railway track at Broomhill, featuring Thomas the Tank Engine.

It's probably not giving away confidential information to admit that Thomas has not been 100% reliable, having an alarming tendency to derail. The Fat Controller (if I'm still allowed to call him that) would not be happy. I can only assume this was some behind-the-scenes attempt to fix the problem, but it does rather look like the Goods-In boys were playing trains.


This is what happens...

...when you stop letting us look after your plants!

Back story: one of our clients - who had relatively recently had renewed plant displays on rental - unfortunately went in to administration. As is sometimes the case, we were not allowed in to retrieve our planters for several months, until last week.

The image on the right illustrates what we found.

Who can identify the three plant species - before scrolling down to the picture at the bottom which shows what they looked like when we delivered them?

So when you see your maintenance technician come in and deal with your plants very quickly, there is more to their skill than meets the eye. It's amazing how rapidly the plants go downhill if not cared for.


Monday, December 21, 2015

The annual "here's one of our Christmas trees" post

So now we have nearly got to Christmas, and all our trees are delivered, I usually show a picture of one of our large live trees to show off our decorating skills.

Usually I show the largest tree we do (an 18-footer that takes five of us most of a day to erect and decorate) from a merchant bank in Bournemouth's offices, but this year I'm going to break with tradition and show one of the next largest that we regularly do, which is also in a Bournemouth office.

It's a mere 12 foot high and as such is an awful lot easier to deliver and decorate.

This year I think it is really rather lovely, and I hope you agree.

Merry Christmas everybody!