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Friday, March 10, 2017

Would you like to work here?

Could you look after indoor plants all day? Does reading my blog about the antics at Stewarts fill you with envy or dread? If the former you could come and work for us!

We are in the extremely unusual position of having two positions to fill. Original ad here. There's still just time to apply for them (closes on Sunday)

As I've said before, we have very loyal staff, but one of our technicians is leaving to do something very different, and the other is off to have a third baby (as if two wasn't enough).

It's a job you either love or hate: it's physically harder than you may think and you spend as much time driving as looking after plants. But I've stuck it out for nineteen years (fifteen at Stewarts) so it can't be all bad.

If you apply, best of luck!


Thursday, March 09, 2017

A very belated merry Christmas!

Well, that was a ride!

As disgruntled regular readers will note, I haven't updated our blog since the end of October.

Why? Well, I'll be brutally honest and admit that I write entries on the blog when all the real work is under control, and due to the sheer volume of work Stewarts has had in the last four months or so, I simply haven't had the chance. We are temporarily quiet for a week or two now, but it's not going to last!

Put simply, we are busier now than at any time I can remember in my fifteen years working here, and Jan-Feb is usually our quiet time. That's right by the way: as of today I've worked at Stewarts Interior Landscaping for fifteen years (and have worked in this industry for nineteen).

In that time I've seen the industry change a lot. As I keep saying, it is far more about the containers than the plants nowadays, and the average pot is taller, with a shorter plant in it. I'm pleased to say that we still have a lot of the same clients as we did in 2002, and in many cases I'm still interacting with the same people as points of contact at those clients which is very satisfying.

Anyway, so about two and a half months late, here is my traditional picture of one of our Christmas trees with which I end the year. This beauty is (was) in a luxury car dealer in Salisbury. It's a ten foot artificial tree. As you can tell they are much better quality these days than in days gone by. In commercial applications I greatly prefer them to live trees; the average office is simply too hot for a live tree to last until after New Year.

Anyway, enough about Christmas, roll on Spring!