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Friday, August 25, 2017

All change!

Well, that was a busy six months!

Apologies for the complete lack of activity on this blog since March; what a busy time we've been having!

A I mentioned in the last post all that time ago, three of our six maintenance staff decided to leave in a very short space of time, and it was quite a job to train up three replacements. I hasten to add that none of those three left under a cloud. One retired at the tender age of 50 (the lucky thing), one moved to a different post within Stewarts, and one went on maternity leave (and has since given birth to a healthy baby boy).

Stewarts take great care in training their new staff; each person gets four weeks of one-on-one training, which effectively means they see each of their allocated jobs twice before being released into the wild.

This makes life quite hard when there are only two of us doing the training! Especially when we have to continue doing deliveries to all the new clients we've obtained this year.

Thankfully, Graham (above) was trained and out there before Pauline (below left) had started, so we managed - just. But it reached a crescendo in late May when I probably wasn't a lot of fun to be around, before calming down in the last month or so.

Just as I got enough time to start writing blog posts again, my work PC died, and I have been logging in on other machines since then, meaning (boring techy reasons), blogging was not straightforward.

So... here I am again, and have many anecdotes and silly pics to post...

...just as I am about to go on a week's leave!

So there is only time to introduce Graham, Sandra (in the middle!) and Pauline to you, and remind regular clients that the time is now to contact us to order one of our very popular Christmas trees (yes, I know, it's still summer...) before our order books fill up.

Maybe in Autumn I will return to my old verbose self.