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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Interior Landscaping - marketing vs. reality

Just a bit of pre-Christmas fun. I hope Peugeot won't mind me borrowing their image; hey it's free advertising!

While browsing vans (we are recruiting an extra maintenance technician so may need an extra van), I came across this wonderfully idealised image of what it's like working in my industry, and it reminded me of an old picture from here of how mucky we get.


Interior Landscaping:

The marketing image...

The reality...

Merry Christmas everybody!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Christmas 2017 is really over this time

So I've suggested Christmas is over before, because we had finished taking orders, but - with a week to go - I can confirm that Christmas really is over.

In fact we delivered the last of our 68 trees on Friday the eighth, but I've only just caught up with work.

The attached picture is not the biggest tree we do, and not the best pic, but it was the tree we felt most proud of afterwards.

It's actually got dark blue, silver and white decorations on, but the blue don't really come out in the image. They are there, trust me!

Wishing all my readers a merry Christmas and a happy new Year!