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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

What the cold does to indoor plants

 First, apologies for another long gap between posts; we really are exceptionally busy and the blog takes a back seat. Apart from training a new member of maintenance staff (which takes a month), we are dealing with a lot of new business enquiries and doing a lot of installations.

Which would be easier if it wasn't so damn cold!

Which leads me - as if by magic - to the subject of this post. We recently hired out a small lorry-load of plants to a Poole client for an event in London. Unusually for us, we did not do the delivery but let them collect them.

Despite our warnings, the plants were stored in an unheated lorry, and the above is what happened to them. The plants in the foreground are (I think!) Dracaena White Stripes. They should look like the image on the right. Oops!

So what can you do to prevent this if having to move indoor plants in cold weather?

Well, the first thing to understand is that cold air is the fastest killer, rather than the temperature itself to a large extent, so wrap the plants up in fleece or plastic sheet of some sort. Be particularly careful of the effect of wind chill, which can damage a plant in a few seconds.

It helps to pre-heat any vehicle you are putting the plants in; in our case we try and drive the van inside our greenhouse and load in there, but you can just run the engine for five minutes if that's not practical.

I now have the sad job of throwing all these plants in the chipper...