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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

New contender for world's biggest Boston fern?

Incontrovertible proof that someone is reading my blog!

Long term readers may recall that some six years ago I posted an image of an enormous Boston Fern that we adopted in a call centre in Havant. I rather playfully asked if it held the world record for the World's biggest Boston Fern.

A month ago, out of the blue, I was emailed by a gentleman called Edgar Fazenbaker who has sent me a couple of images of his fern which he says was at one point eight feet wide and six feet tall. It certainly looks it in the photos he sent me! 

If I ever legally possessed the World Record, Mr Fazenbaker, I relinquish it to you with a doff of my cap. The only slight question I have is whether this is specifically a Boston Fern (Nephrolepsis Exaltata Bostoniensis) as the foliage looks somewhat glossier. But I am nowhere near enough of a fern expert to sit in judgement. Perhaps six years hence someone else will email me and tell me.

As is customary, a little care advice. Boston Ferns are swamp/jungle floor plants from the tropics, so unsurprisingly it requires heat and humidity. Too much humidity, in fact, for most offices, which is why its popularity in my industry has waned as air conditioning has become more common. It also gets messy, with bits of leaves breaking of when touched. I still remember at my old firm in London caring for hanging baskets full of them over crisp linen table cloths in a high end Restaurant.

Kept wet enough, in a fairly bright location they will do OK. In fact I am happy to report that the one in the original post from 2012 is still going strong!


Friday, November 16, 2018

Christmas in the new greenhouse

Slightly misleading post title, as all the signs are that we will not be over in our shiny new greenhouse this side of Christmas (still waiting for the electric supply to be sorted, amongst other things).

However, we are using all that lovely storage space to get all our client's artificial Christmas trees ready.

The obvious question you are going to ask is "can I order one" and the answer is a hard no; we started turning people away in early October. Our repeat customers almost fill up our order book straight away.

Our deliveries commence in about a week with four days of drop-offs to a local chain of car dealers with premises throughout Bournemouth, Poole and Salisbury. The last of the 70 trees we have sold is delivered Monday 10 December... then they all get collected in three manic days between New Year and Twelfth Night.