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Friday, March 01, 2019

Farewell, T-card board!

Bit of a silly post, this.

As long term readers will know, I have posted a couple of times about the imminent move to our new greenhouse. 

Well, it's finally only a few weeks away, and we are either transferring stock across, or furiously de-cluttering the old greenhouse.

When I started at Stewarts in 2002 the maintenance contracts were arranged on an old-fashioned T-card board. Each member of staff has a week 1 and week 2 column, then days of the week go down the left-hand side, then each client has a card. Rearranging the rotas was the (theoretically) simple act of moving cards from place.

It didn't take me long to realise I needed an electronic version of our rotas, which I rapidly created.

However some of my longer-serving staff claimed that they actually looked at this for reference, so my occasional attempts to get rid of it were vetoed. Finally at a staff meeting this week it became clear no one cared any more, so this morning I said a few words, then threw it in the metal skip.

Now no longer will I confuse the hell out of myself trying to rearrange several rotas at once, ending up with little piles of T-cards all over my desk.

I'm almost getting nostalgic already!